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Seeing as my irc friends are failing me completely (I'm very disappointed in them!):

how does alt+f2 work?
Ok, I'm in a *nix context (at least, it could be a KDE context, my gnome days were so long ago I honestly can't remember), and alt+f2 is one of the ways you can launch a program. But because everything in *nix is either a file or a directory, how can alt+f2 find the correct file? It's not that all the possible files are sitting in the same place (because they're most definitely not), so how does it go about finding the one that's actually meant?

It's a completely silly question, I know, but when you're cycling home from work what else are you going to think about? *grin*
In my Gnome, alt+f2 opens the "run application" menu. There's an arrow down thing that has nothing in it, but below it there's a button that says "Run With File" which then pops open a way to browse your system. I have no idea what it means by 'run with file' though. Mine also has a list of known applications that it lets me select from.

I have no idea if I answered your question. But hey, alt+f2 works in Gnome! :D
In my KDE it opens a "Run Command" box. There's a field and you type in the program name ("firefox") and away you go. There's an Options thing - run in a terminal, as a different user, etc etc etc. But none of that really explains how it works.

Cool to know that I'm generally talking about an environment thing then. What do macs do, do you know?
Eeenteresting. I tried it with GIMP on mine and it did the same thing -- just let me launch it.

Let me ask the Mac Guy at work about the Mac things. XD
Hm. I can't get ahold of him, but I will see him tomorrow. I can ask him there (or, go over to our Mac and see what it does :)).
It's all good; I'm about to go to bed anyways, so it's clearly not something that I simply have to find out. But it will probably niggle me for a while nevertheless :)
K. On the work Mac, alt+f2 doesn't do anything. :P
Ok. So now we know that...how does the thing work? :>